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One Sheltie’s Private Torment

What does Jake love best about living at the beach?  Stalking and chasing the seabirds away, of course!

Except for that darn leash!

Nothing cookies can’t cure right, Nancy? :)

Sheltie Smarts

Chase you are a smarty pants!

Thanks to lynn168!

Want one of these cool toys?  Check out Amazon for Nina Ottoson’s puzzle toys.

Can you please install a Sheltie height doorbell!

You know, Chianti, Chase and Harley would let themselves in if they could!

LOL Stephanie!

Silly Sammi!

Here is Chase and our new addition Sammi. She is so playful and brings us so much laughter!!
SamiThat’s a funny one, Stephanie & Dan!

Shelties have fluffy butts for a reason!

They make good pillows!
PuppsChase & Sammi look very…ahem…comfortable with each other Stephanie & Dan! :)