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Hey I think we found the chipmunk crib!

Kaleigh and her 1/2 brother, 10 week old Toby learn the fine art of chippy hunting!Crib Don’t we deserve a bone now?Crib2Love those faces…and uh…rears Lynn!  ;)

Chippy patrol!

Matilda loves the tractor. Mostly because the chipmunks hide inside. She will not have any of that!Tractor What a big smile Pat!

My best friend…

Shane loves his chipmunk.  Can you tell?  :)

“Hey, let us in! We forgot the chipmunk!”

“Heck, if we had opposable thumbs we would do it ourselves!”336464107_fb74449f52You KNOW Cameron & Declan could do it too, right wck? ;)