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Grumpular Birthday!

Dreamer (birthday girl) Bailey & Chloe kinda-sorta- celebrate?

‘The Look’ x3 Nancy!  Oh my!

I’m detecting drama…

Bailey thinks Dreamer is nothing but trouble.  Chloe looks OK with things.

You got that right nve, Dreamer is small but ‘mighty’ worrisome to Bailey!!

Oh Sheltie puppy…how I wish to cuddle thee!

Chloe is too snugly looking!
Chloe-puppy She is a little cutie pie Ellen!

Sure, I’ll pet sit your Sheltie!

What could be more fun than watching little Chloe!
PetsitLooks like Kristina would like a Sheltie of her own too Jocelyn!


Nah, it’s only Chloe, Aspen, Breezy.  :) TrippleLovely Michele!