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We Wish You a Puppy Christmas

Wouldn’t you all wish to wake up to this under your tree Christmas morning?!


Awe David, Wallace was such a cute puppy!

How could I pick just one?

Renee sent so many beautiful photos of her fur-babies I couldn’t just pick one.

What makes them even better is she got all three of them from Sheltie Rescue of  Central Indiana!

Pick your favorite photo!

Mattie – sable Merle 6 years old.Christmas Sheltie
Clyde – shaded sable 6 year old litter mate to Mattie.Christmas Sheltie
Cammie – A blue Merle 9 year old starvation survivor!Christmas rescue Sheltie

The whole gang!Christmas rescue Sheltie

Everybody Ready?

Conan’s ready for Christmas. He knows there’s about to be some treats under the tree!

Sheltie under Christmas tree

;) Lauren

That’s no Ordinary Sheep

Grace – Tree herder extraordinaire!

Sheltie and Christmas tree

Happy holidays, Denise!

Is Santa here yet?

A little way to go yet, Scarlet.

Sheltie under Christmas tree

Hugs to you, Michael.