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Dog bed with a tree in it? That’s odd, but I’ll take it!

This is Della’s first Christmas.
How thrilled she was when a soft tree skirt was prepared just for her to lay on!

So much to learn right, Janie? :)

Sheltie Stuffer?

Cooper says: “So they put yummies in this thing that looks like me?   Maybe if I sit next to it they will put some in me too!”
Happy Holidays, Becky and Scott!  :))

New Years Resolution #1

Bella and Dodger say: “no more hats!”

Very sweet, Mary!

Cranberry says: “oh yea, I agree with that!What a face, Denise!

Bailey seems to be on board as well!Christmas joy on his face?  Ha, ha, Paul & Tashell!

Try decorating under the tree like this with a lab in the house!

Barkley, Ivy & Pixie demonstrate one of the added bonuses of Shelties…politeness!

Happy Sheltie Holidays Ann!

Can we help?

Shane & Blair help their human decorate for the holidays!