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I’ll Take the One in the Middle

Shetland Sheepdog with stuffed animals

Cody has a lot of friends, Janice! :))

Is this the Cookie Deck or Toy Deck?

Daddy and Cody (the boating dog) popping out of the boat hatch after a little nap.

Shetland Sheepdog on boat

Too cute, Candi!

Cooler than the Average Dog

Cody says: “mom, I think the AC unit inside would be much better?”

Shetland Sheepdog lays under hosta plant.

Shelties are so smart, Candi!

Sheltie Sea Legs

Cody is obviously enjoying himself out on the water on the CT river!

Shetland Sheepdog on a boat.

Does that look mean he wants to go faster, Candi? ;)

I could use a wee bit o’ luck!

Look what I found…

A 4 leaf Cody!

Pretty boy, Richard!