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Sheltie news alert!

Snoopy is involved in violent custody scandal between Katie and Cody.

Oh my Janice! LOL

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Incognito Puppy!

There is a puppy in this pile of toys!

Cody is a rescued Sheltie from Sheltie Shack in KS.  There are many more Shelties waiting for forever homes in the rescue, so check out their website!
Thanks to Janice!

This isn’t right!

Poor Cody was confused–he needed to use the yard, but where did it go?

CodysnowBut it was nice of you to dig him a path Susan!

Computer Equipment CAN be useful!

I can’t imagine it was comfortable, but maybe it was warm?Cody'sPillowMaybe Cody just wanted to be near you Sue.  :)

I’m waaaay too dignified for this.

Cody just turned 15 and though a little creaky, very perky for a boy his age.
Cody3Don’t worry, Sue promised him a treat. It was worth the humiliation of being photographed wearing a ribbon! :)