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I has ouch but it’s getting better now.

Colby is recovering now but it is a long recovery when this happens–3 months. He tore it chasing–surprise, surprise–a cat. What’s funny is he really doesn’t dislike cats and doesn’t know what to do when he catches them so stands there and wags his tail. No big walks for that many months also while the scar tissue develops. Just a caution to everyone who loves Shelties. As they get older (Colby is 11) that ACL weakens and it doesn’t take much to tear it. He has really taken advantage of all the extras of being a patient. More treats, LOTS and lots of hugs, kisses and attention.


Awe give him feel better cookies from us, Connie!

Slush Puppy

Colby is sporting THE textbook perfect snowy muzzlepuff!

:)) Andrea

Do not look directly at this Sheltie

Because his soulful eyes will…entrance…you…into…

What were we talking about?

We are all hypnotized Andrea!

Sniffy Sniff

Colby gives Shelby a sniff. :)

Lovely Andrea

Pretty as a Posie

Colby poses for his mom.
Very handsome fellow, Connie!