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So what is this internet thing?

Breagha says: “Oh goodie, Sheltie Nation!”

Breaghapc;) JT & Amy

The Queen of Manipulation

This is Bella one of my rescue Shelties.

I think she is trying to tell me it’s time to get off of the computer!?

Sheltie guilt

Not very subtle is she, Michael? :))

Computer Equipment CAN be useful!

I can’t imagine it was comfortable, but maybe it was warm?Cody'sPillowMaybe Cody just wanted to be near you Sue.  :)

PC foot warmer

Little Lady likes to nap where she can be ready to help mom on the computer.
LadyThanks to Kristin!

Shelties in the technology age.

A cell phone & laptop – how else would a Sheltie stay in touch?

(I’ve been told that Mika’s favorite website is Sheltie Nation.)LOL…of course Barbara, Shelties are smart that way!  :)