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S.N. Extreme Close-up!

This is the last thing a doggie treat sees!


Cooper is so cute, Denise!

Sweet & Salty, Yum!


Cooper is a cutie, DJ and Stacie!

(For all that have left comments about how dangerous cobs can be,
this photo was just for fun and Cooper did not eat the cob. He was closely supervised by his mom.)


Sorry Cooper, this isn’t a ride from the Fast ‘n’ Furry-ous.


But that’s OK cause Shelties are more the dapper type anyway.


He looks so proud, Jeff! :)

Double Take!

Would the real Cooper please blink?


Love this photo, Denise! ;)

A Bicycle Built for Wahoooooooo!

Cooper knows how to travel in style!

Shelite in bike basket

:o) Jeff