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But my dog slept on my homework!

 Corey moved on from creating newspaper beds and upgraded to backpacks.

No homework that night right, Jamie?  :)

We are sorry for your loss of Corey (at age 13), but thank you for sharing him and making us all smile!

This Profile Should Be On A Coin

Corey is a cutie-patootie, Jamie! :))

Now just how exactly do we herd fishies?

Mac & Corey try to tag-team the fish!

Love this Judy!

It reminds me of my beloved Trevor who also loved to try & herd fish!

Can someone please bring my coffee and newspaper?

Oh wait, skip the paper.  Corey is enjoying it right now.  :))

Awe Jamie!

Sheltie strikes a pose

Corey is a very handsome fellow!
Coreyleaves Lovely Thom!