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Who’s the Boss?

Miss Trixie would not allow me to leave the house without her this morning as there was a storm in the area.

I adopted her from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue almost 2 years ago.

She can boss you around any time right, Shirlee?

Comfy Couch Straddler

Lizzie thinks looking out the window and being comfortable at the same time is of utmost importance :-)

But of course, Karen!

Shh, The Puppy is Still Sleeping off Dog Park

Love those crossed BACK paws, Margaret. :) Georgie has such style!

Who owns this blue couch?

That would be Truffle!

And the pillows too, right Helen?  :)

It’s a Sheltie sofa!

When you have a multi-Sheltie household, things get complicated.

Goodness Pat, 5!