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Black and white and viewed all over!

Kasey’s crossed paws are a nice artistic touch, don’t you think?

Sheltie with crossed paws

Pretty, Stephanie!

Mr. Manners

Sheltie with crossed paws

What a little fuzzy bear Logan is, Gloria!

Carpet Manners

Truffle says: “The world would be a much better place if only everyone would cross their paws.”

Shelties are so civilized, Helen & Kunal!

Easter Sheltie Preparay-shons

If your asking yourself how i got them to both pose so perfectly I will tell you, I had a treat stuck to my forehead.

Well it was worth it because Bella & Dodger look great Mary!

From the Sheltie Farmer’s Almanac

The crossing of the paws indicates 6 more weeks of winter.

(Yankee poses at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, ME – This is Portland Head Light.)
Hugs to you Deb for adopting her!