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Now That You’re Up, We Will Nap.

Sparky and Skipper take time out on Saturday morning after waking the family with three rounds of wrestling on the bed.

sparkskipSo not fair, Steve!

Sheltie Yin-Yang

Jesse & Izzy

Or is it Izzy & Jesse?

Shetland Sheepdogs Yin Yang

Yum. Swirled Shelties – my favorite, Stephanie!

“Snorgle” is My Middle Name

How do you say ‘wee little snuggly Sheltie’ in Japanese?
:)) minopan


Toby’s cheek is the perfect remedy after a stressful week.Have a great weekend everybody!

The Trevor & Toby Cuddle Train

A rare site…Trevor tolerating Toby touching him.  What Trevor won’t put up with to snuggle with mom!