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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m just ducky!

Barclay, you are way better than ducky!

You are oh so lucky Joe & Linda!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: 2x the cute!

Sisters Misty & Chloe share a nap.

Soooo sweet Kate!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m melting!

It’s not the summer heat making you melt right now – it’s Reece’s cute little face!

Oh my, Gail!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m unbearablely cute!

Wow, Bailey is soooo cute that I’m speechless!  *Sqeeee!*
BaileyBath Lucky, lucky you Randi!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy

Bennie is the inspiration for a new feature here at Sheltie Nation!

Be sure to check back every Friday for a dose of Sheltie puppy cute!

Bennie You are so lucky Christina!