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Stump Speech

Wouldn’t the upcoming political debates be more fun if Shelties were candidates?

(The gang at Beaudry Provincial Park, Manitoba Canada. Back row: L-R  Tex, Viper, Dallas. Front row: Beetle, Jovi, and Dustee.)
Quite the crew, Dale!

Santa and a few of his reindeer?

Left to right:  Dustee, Beetle, Dallas, Viper, and Tex.


Dale & Pat report that, yes, that is a Border Collie in there …but claim he thinks he’s a Sheltie!)  Gee, I can’t imagine why?  ;)

How much do Shelties shed?

LOL…a lot!Dallas_and_furThanks to Luciana & her Sheltie Dallas for the demonstration.  ;)

Who’s gonna get it first?

Dallas has a new little brother named Logan.  As you can see they are already best buds.
Dscn34612Luv this picture Luciana…we almost missed noticing the Cherrio!

Backseat Sheltie

Dallas looks thrilled to be going on a car ride, doesn’t he?  In classic Sheltie style & even though he is sleeping, he still wants to be in the middle of things…just in case.

16962430_2a75a250d6Great shots Luciana!