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Ruff life…

Dickie has such a hard life.  Can you tell?DickiesofadeckWelcome to Sheltie Nation Mike, Nancy & Dickie!

Can I eat that?

Sandy contemplates her options.

Perfect frame for a little Sheltie.

Lass on left, Jadie in middle, DunKen on right.LOL…That’s a fun shot Cynthia!  :)

Beautiful dog, beautiful scenery!

Coty is doing his best to advertise vacations in the Smokey Mountains.Coty2What a view, Shelia & Todd!

If you put it on the floor, that means its for me too?

Layla is showing off a trait that our Shelties also share…the assumption that if it is on the floor, you meant to share with them.Of course they are just as eager to share a beverage that is more Sheltie appropriate too.

What a face, Chris!