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Does somebody smell something…different???

Finnegan sniffed the air on Declan’s first day home.Different Too cute Leslie!

Puppy lesson #243: You get a bath when you discover ant hills!

Doesn’t Declan look a little like a Sheik?Declan2 Like a little naughty Sheik Leslie!

Panda or puppy?

Awwwe Declan, you are too cute!
PandaLucky you, Leslie & Chris!

Stick with me kid…

Declan is fascinated by Diego!DiegoDeclanThey make a great team Sue and Jeff!

“Hey, let us in! We forgot the chipmunk!”

“Heck, if we had opposable thumbs we would do it ourselves!”336464107_fb74449f52You KNOW Cameron & Declan could do it too, right wck? ;)