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How many Shelties can you fit

…on the same dog bed?

Ummm, in this case it looks like 3. :)Vic, looks like you could use another dog bed…or two. :)

Sorry, no room for you!

Human bed, or oversized Sheltie bed?  Discuss…
256791788_a27c07104fSalute! Sheltiebrat

I thought only cats liked enclosed spaces?

The cat must be PO’d
like hey dog, that is my bed!
Abby_in_cat_bedHolly & her Sheltie crew come through again.  :)

Sunday Morning Sheltie…

Oh for heaven’s sake, can’t a Sheltie sleep in on a Sunday?
Dsc01669smlTrevor loves his slumber ball bed.  You can find them here.

Life isn’t rough anymore

Tucker is a little rescue Sheltie who lives in NJ.  Does he not look SO contented?  The words that go around the bed say…”If my dreams would come true, bones will rain from the sky.”
Tucker_1_1Gotta have a bed just like this for your fur kid?  It’s made by Two Simmons Studio