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How to stop a Sheltie from barking?

Just add a costume.

Suki is clearly not impressed with her devil dog outfit!

Cookies Louise, lots of cookies!  :)

Cute offsets the boo!

Upper row:  Ripley, Shelby, Bailey
Front row:  Adi, Chloe, Sailor

Have a Happy Halloween Glenda and Deb! :)

Sheltie golfer?

Poor Romeo, so cute, yet so unhappy!Oh yea…he looks thrilled!We agree Chantel, he does look very cute!

LOL…Now give that boy a few cookies for being so accommodating!

It’s a Sheltie Halloween!

It’s that time again!  We love Halloween here at Sheltie Nation…super cute Shelties in costumes.

Look, it is happy “Super Moe!”MoeLOL…love it Dianne!

Shelties are such “animals”

Duncan & Debbie are all decked out for the season!Thanks to Tatha!