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How now brown…Sheltie?

Attached is a photo of my Sheltie, Lindy, dressed in her Halloween costume, as a brown cow.

She likes to try to chew on her horns!LOL Susan!

Hey, isn’t that MY costume?

Bella appears to be trying to get Dolce the cat out what she thinks is her costume?Very sweet Amanda!

Happy “Sheltie” Halloween!

I know, Trevor looks thrilled.  He must be saying… “I look stupid, get me out of this!” (Don’t worry, Trevor was not harmed in the taking of this picture…however, his pride might have been slightly wounded.)
Dsc0165960Gortons Fisher”sheltie”!

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Teletubbie Sheltie

LOL…poor, poor puppy!  :))
272358383_4b7ea84c7aThanks Marci!