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Dangerously Cute!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

super cute Shetland Sheepdog puppy

Jesse James, you are a heart breaker!

Thanks to Mitch & Kristi

Maybe Mommy Should Wear a Onesie?

Samantha says: “what, nightgowns are not tug toys?”

Puppy pulling nightgown

I bet this is a nightly activity, Robin? :)

Huge Saucer Eyes Alert!

I got Missy from a family who did not treat her very well. I tried
to change her name and she wouldn’t take it and now people think I
named my dog after myself!  LOL :) I’ve had her for 3.5 years and
she is a spoiled brat!

Sheltie with big eyes

Oh no, Melissa. With eyes like that she can never spoiled! Hugs for giving her a great life!

No, I Haven’t Seen Your Pen

Riley bumped a bottle of blue ink. Luckily, he only got it on his fur. Amazingly there was zero on my BRAND NEW CARPET!

Now his white collar looks like cotton candy! Maybe I should take him to the fair?

Sheltie with blue collar

OMG, Terry! Did you ever get it out?

It’s Time to Play “Dog or Deer?”

Shadow has no idea why everyone is laughing.

Lum, it’s always the accidental shots that come out the best! :)