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Beautiful Bond

15 year old Drew and Sammy share a moment together.

Simply lovely, Marge!

A thankful holiday celebration!

This is a picture of Drew on his 13th birthday.  After being diagnosed with renal disease in August and spending 2 1/2 months very sick, I thought he would never reach his 13 birthday.  But he did and I’m thankful every day to be blessed with such a wonderful Sheltie.
What a happy day Marge!

Last of the fall colors

Drew looks positively beautiful in the leaves.
DrewleavesLovely Marge!

Sheltie Snow Angel Making 101

Drew shows us the fine art of Sheltie Snow Angel making…DrewThat is a happy boy, Marge!

Go team!

Apparently, Drew’s mom is a big Penn State fan.  Since she can’t have the official mascot as a pet (its a mountain lion) a Sheltie will have to carry the colors.Where did you get that collar Marge?  My boys are UCONN fans!  (I love Shelties too much to have gotten a Husky!)Halloween is just around the corner folks…send in those Sheltie costume photos!