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I’m soooo NOT a sheep!

Does Huey tell Kelly to “cut me some quack?” :))

So what happened next, Dianne? :)

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Somebody please play with Piper?

Impossible to resist, Bill!

Cut me some quack!

(*ahem* Yea, I know…I couldn’t resist on the title!)

Chloe must be thinking that is the strangest sounding squeak toy ever!
Chloe & Crack the duck are going to be best buds Danielle? :)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m just ducky!

Barclay, you are way better than ducky!

You are oh so lucky Joe & Linda!

Shelties can play favorites

Most of┬áBella’s toys are destroyed, but she LOVES her Duck!Bella3Very sweet, Dee and Ted!