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Ready For A Road Trip

Dylan, Ginger and Misty are all dressed up and ready to hit the road.


Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Doug! :)

Sheltie Gamer!

Cooper the Sheltie says: “Whatcha lookin’ at Dylan?”



If Cooper had thumbs I bet he would want to play too, Pam!

Ahhhh…nice warm pillow.

Nothing stops Dylan from his beauty sleep even if that means using his little sister Daisy as a pillow.
DaisyDylanVery cute, Theresa!

To Shelties, a couch is just the beginning

Dylan decided to get more comfortable by squeezing himself in between the cushions.Sleeping_dylan7Well he is awfully cute, so you didn’t disturb him right, Steve & Theresa?  ;)

I’m ready to go mom!

Dylan looks ready (& very happy) to go for a walk!Sweet smile, Steve & Theresa!