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Oh, That is TOO Perfectly Posed.

This pic was not staged!

Ella & Storm just ran outside to look at something and they just sat down together. The also sat long enough to snap the pic!


I dunno, Clark & Pat. Are you sure cookies were not involved? ;)

Just Snufflin’ Sand. You?

Ella says: “Don’t you like my sand sculpture?”


Looks like fun, Clark & Pat!

You’re Not Leaving Without Me, Right?

Sheltie Stink Eye

I think Ella is calling shotgun, Clark? ;)

Tree-Huggin’ Sheltie

Ella, those squirrels wont come down and play with you.

She looks so hopeful, Clark & Pat!

Oh Put A Sock In It

Ella says: “but mom, socks are fun!”:) Clark & Pat