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What’s Cookin?

Loyal patrons of the Sheltie Diner await to be served today’s Blue (Merle) Plate Special!

Ellie, Jake, Jenny, Sister, Simon, Abby, Duncan & Little Miss!
Love it Tracey! :)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I really hope you’re sitting down

*swoon…thud*  Well, I warned you!  ;)

Ellie is impossibly cute Kelsey and Levi!

Sunny Summer Sheltie Smiles!

Say that five times fast!

Left to right: Jenny, Ellie, Jake & Simon.  Abby is in front.

Congrats on adding Simon to the family Holly!  :))

Sibling Rivalry

Ellie says “Back off Kasey, this is me and Mommy time!” Rivalry LOL, ooooh she is serious Sean & Bethany!

Sheltie mischief in the making!

Bethany’s Sheltie “gang” out for one of the last romps in the snow.
(From front to back: Rusty, Bobby, Kasey and Ellie.)