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Sheltie moral support

Ellie & Jenny were watching my husband, who went across the street to help a neighbor who’s truck was stuck on ice. Jenny & Ellie didn’t miss a beat  – and watch the whole thing!

ElliejennyBut of course the would, right Holly? ;)

Best Sheltie Christmas cards ever!

Holly took this Christmas Card photo last year.  It is awesome!
HollyxmasHolly & Chuck and the furry crew: Jenny, Ellie, Abby & Jake

Best thing to see when you first wake up…

Left to right: Cinnamon, Willie and Ellie.
(Cinnamon was rescued from a puppy Mill in Lancaster, PA back in September & Willie & Ellie are showing her the ropes on how to be bed hogs.  :)Renatta, Sheltie hugs to you for adopting Cinnamon!

101 uses for a little sister…

#99 – Toy ExtractorGraeme & Ellie look like they are a good team, Mary!

Sheltie Trifecta…

Pictured here is Jenny, Ellie, and third is “Patch”. Can you believe someone would turn him over to Sheltie Rescue?! He is not only handsome, but according to his foster mom, he’s such a love.  Not surprisingly, Patch was adopted right away!

Glad Patch found you & Sheltie Rescue Holly!  Love those Sheltie baby blues!