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The family that fetches together, stays together.

Emily, Jenna and Austin certainly know how to play fair.


Fantastic photo, Shirley!

Yummy Christmas leftovers!

Just as fun and sweet after the holiday!!

Daisy Mae looks super cute.

Thanks to Sue!

Emily says: ‘please take this off me’

What a look Andy!

Taylor, Justin and Duncan the Sheltie pose pretty!
Awe, Jenn!

From left to right: Sasha, Santa Claus, Abbie, Sheltie Mommy Crissi, and Yogie

Wonderful photos everyone!

Backsides only, please

Elizabeth, Emily (the Sheltie), and Gray enjoying an afternoon. Emily doesn’t like to have her picture taken, so it was an easy shot to get.EmilyandkidsAwe sweet, Andy!

Only for you…

“Here’s a picture of Emily taken by my 9–year-old daughter Dottie. Emily is very shy and will only let Dottie take her picture. She’s a very sweet dog that we got from a rescue in Little Rock, Arkansas.”Hugs to you Dottie & Andy for adopting Emily!  :)