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Yeah, But I’ll Grow Into It

Poor Emma.

More like grow OUT of it.


LOL, she still loves it though, Rick!

Improvising travel Sheltie

On a trip through Oregon (that wondrous place where the gas stations hand out dog treats) we stopped overnight and Buffy decided the crate was hers so Emma staked out the bottom of the nightstand.

NightstandLOL!  Thats cute Rick!

Nap time with the pillow “pack”

Emma settles in for a nap with her friends.Love those pillows, Rick!  :)

Sheltie Tranquilizer

Emma found a new use for her empty food dish.  :)Tranquilizerinfood

Please No Bath Mom!

Emma is so tiny she can take a bath in the sink!The power of those Sheltie eyes, Sarah!