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New to the cast of Game of Thrones as the new ‘Mountain Sheltie’

Now wouldn’t you like to see that? ;)


Majestic Emmy, Melissa!

Honestly daddy, the cat did it.

Emmy for sure is a master manipulator!

You fell for it too, didn’t you Bruce?  :))

Caught red handed…er, red bibbed!

Tomato thief?  Not Emmy!  I don’t believe it.   She was framed!

Eileen tells us she actually has THREE garden thiefs…this seems to be the one that was “caught red pawed” this time!

Reluctant Fairy Dogmother

Emmy, always looking proper with her paws crossed, obviously is waiting patiently for the big day.
Embyohhh…what a look Kathy!  :)

Sheltie winter transport

Emmy has it all figured out…much easier letting the humans do all the work.