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Ooh, Don’t Mind if I Do

Chance has had enough of summer heat!


Smart man, Gloria. ;)

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Candi must be dreaming of snowflakes.

Of course that is her personal fan, right Laura?  ;)

Shelties say yea! Dog days of summer are over!

Gunner takes a cool break after another beach day in Martha’s Vineyard.Summeroooh..can we come visit Julianne?  ;)

Sheltie: Your #1 Fan!

Kylee is watching my son’s baseball game……She loves watching baseball – her eyes are on the ball at all times!  She’s an intense spectator that barks with excitement and wants to show the players how to play the game!
KyleeNice that you brought her an appropriate comfy “throne” too Pam!  ;)

A summer Sheltie’s best friend

Chase says ahhhh!That fan is perfectly sized for him, Stephanie & Dan!