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Stuck in the Middle with You

Christian says: “Yes, ha ha. But a little help here please?”

puppybuttLOL, Claudette. What a look!

Halt! Who Goes There!

Beware the sentinels at the gate. They smell all!


Teddy has a sweet sniffer, Julie!

Thank You For Flying Air Sheltie

We’ll be at an altitude of approximately three feet. Please fasten your seatbelts, and note that the captain has turned on the “no barking” sign.

Fenway is a beautiful boy, Kathy-Jo!

(Photo by Bob Bernstein)

Fuzzy Valentine!

Lilly & Jet want you to be their Valentine!

What an awesome fence you have Valerie!

Sheltie sidekick

Gracie & Rottie plot their escape.LOL, Carey…those geese don’t know how lucky they are!