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Fishin’ Sheltie!

Isaiah fishes while Abby watches.  She loves to see the fish when they were reeled in!They look like best buddies Cheryl!

Catch anything guys?

Everett and Steve enjoy a nice fishing trip in the high Mountains of Oregon.

Secret Sheltie fishing spot

Callie won’t tell!CalliefishThanks to Krey!

Fishin’ buddies…

Hunter is driving out to his secret fishing spot.Am I suppose to do something with this?   I can’t exactly herd a fish.Looked like a fun day for every one, Sean!

Fishin’ buddies

Sometimes, it’s such a hard life being a Sheltie. ;)

Jake loves spending the day out on the fishing pier on the Texas Gulf with his human, Jeff. Here he is guarding the cooler. Jake3Smiling Jake!Jake2