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Meanwhile at the Barka Raton

Shea, for those of us who live in cold places of the world right now, can we come visit you in sunny Florida?


Ruff life, Jenni! ;)

Meanwhile at the Barka Raton

I asked my mom how my dog Maxx was doing in Florida. She responded with this:

LOL…good times, Erica!

A sunshine vacation!

So Shadow took his folks to Florida and got a serious case of the frizzies.  He enjoyed the million new smells, licked oyster shells and chased insect and reptilian wonders.
Finally, a hammock nap with the blue ball.

A trip from Colorado to Florida sounds like a real adventure Lum!  :)

Dirty dip!

Mr. Chan says, “But it’s the best way to beat the heat here Florida!”
Puddle Icky Rich!  Have fun giving him a second bath!  LOL

Florida tourism bureau photo…

Sasha says “Come to Florida!”FloridaOla, Gail!