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Sheltie life lessons

You know the saying…always take time to smell the flowers!
PixiePixie loves her mom Patti’s daffodils.

Pretty as a Posie

Colby poses for his mom.
Very handsome fellow, Connie!

Photo looks innocent enough…

until you read the caption Pat sent along with it.

“Here is Rio resting from all his hard work helping me garden. He’s a lot of the reason why I plant my flowers in containers rather than in the ground!LOL…naughty Rio!

Sheltie Yard Art

Shelties are always a nice addition to the landscaping.  :)Welcome to Sheltie Nation Bobby, Joan & Coco!


Take time to smell the flowers

Daphne checks out her mom’s first flowers of the year.

Daphne3These smell funny!Thanks to Gia & Dan