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Football Identity Crisis

My name is Denver.

My mommy roots for the Seahawks.

I’m so confused.

LOL, Debbie! Yep, there is always next year. ;)

Ready for some football?

Mollie is thrilled football season is finally here!

molliefootballWell sort of thrilled, Denise & Jen?

It’s Almost Game Time!

 C’mon Max, we need a little more enthusiasm!

Just saving his energy for when you get home, Rich!

Shelties love football too!

Sheldon is all ready for the Superbowl!!
SheldonWhat a cutie, Joy!

Sheltie “Gator” Nation

Ripley’s humans are Florida Gators fans & today is their homecoming.  They asked Sheltie Nation to wish them luck!

ripley(1)Go Gators!  :)