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Sheltie Spy Gear

Disguised as fuzzy & oh so cute, no one would ever suspect Rocky’s bionic listening devices!

:) Debby

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy

Bennie is the inspiration for a new feature here at Sheltie Nation!

Be sure to check back every Friday for a dose of Sheltie puppy cute!

Bennie You are so lucky Christina!

Fuzzy buns!

It is always so fun walking Shelties… even if they walk in front of you!Sheltiebutts In case you were wondering…here is their other cute side.  ;)FrontsBest part?  Three of the four cuties are from rescues!

Hugs to you Gloria for adopting!

Fuzzy butts!

We all know how good Shelties look from the front, but they are almost as cute…if not cuter from the back!  Deska and Tully show off!
Puppy buttsTee hee hee, Caroline!  :)

So fuzzy, yet aerodynamic

Willow’s ears are so soft and fuzzy…
WillowBut when those ears go back…she looks like she could cut through the air!
LOL, Suzie!