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Photo looks innocent enough…

until you read the caption Pat sent along with it.

“Here is Rio resting from all his hard work helping me garden. He’s a lot of the reason why I plant my flowers in containers rather than in the ground!LOL…naughty Rio!

You know you want to let us through.

Isn’t amazing that Shelties can so clearly let us know what they want without speaking a word of English?  ;)You couldn’t resist Ben & Laddie’s cute little faces could you, Denise?

Sheltie Garden Gnome?

Doesn’t Seamus look like one of those dog garden gnomes?
Great smile, Katy!

Sheltie gardener…

Looks like Sean can’t seem to grow anything except Shelties?!  :)

Hunter (left) & Luke (right)

Sheltie garden gnome?

Darla is doing her best gnome impression.  She is much fuzzier though.  :)

Sheltie in garden with gnome

Thanks Paul!