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Buy a Bag of Mulch. Get a Free Sheltie

When we were out mulching, we couldn’t help but to get Bruno involved.


(Apparently he loves being outside and being squirted by the hose too!)

Looks like a fun day, Kevin and Linda!

Sheltie Gardening Tip

Hi, Green Thumb Matilda here with your Sheltie Gardening Tip!

To grow beautiful Gladiolus flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and um, Shelties, you’ll need a spot with full sun and good drainage…and lots of smelly compost!

Sheltie standing in garden compost

But of course, Pat! ;)

Momma’s garden helpers

Meg and Callie enjoy helping their mom with the gardening.
Awe Debbie, so sweet!

Springtime Sheltie

“Nicki is a Southland Sheltie Rescue who is now 16 years old and still a spunky little lady!  Here she is gardening with my Mom during one of their usual Sunday afternoons together.”

Such a sweet face Monica!