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So, you want to be a Janitor?

Not Ginger!

Thanks to MissGingerDog!

Oh how do I love thee?

Her human & a tennis ball….Ginger couldn’t be happier!GingerballWe all know that look Robin!


Sleeping Sheltie: Do Not Disturb

Ginger is getting her beauty sleep.
SleepingsheltieThanks to Ashley!

Wet Sheltie…always funny!

Ginger is going to look really fluffy & pretty for the holidays…but for right now, she just looks silly.  :)The mohawk is a nice touch, Sarah!

Sheltie Entertainment…

Shelties are SOOOO silly, aren’t they?  ;)

Is Ginger a cat in a Sheltie suit?

(Incase you are wondering, the silly bucktoothed Sheltie trying to get the cameraman’s attention is Corky)  :)