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But I am so above this nonsense!

From left to right: Willow, Gracie and the birthday boy, Gideon, who turned 2.  All three are rescued and are enjoying Frosty Paws!

Not enjoying them quite yet Doug!

Shelties always understand

In June 2009 my sweet BuddyBear passed and little Gracie and I went through some very tough times that followed.

One year later, here is GracieBelle visiting Buddy’s memorial brick at the Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital’s Tribute Garden. After a rousing game of Frisbee, she dropped it right beside Buddy’s brick and looked up at me with her trademark smile.

What a sweet face & touching moment Leesa!

On Three!

Hinesy & Gracie show little Petey how it is done!

That’s Sheltie cooperation Melissa! ;)

The look of disgust x4!

Left to right…Badger, Buffy, Marsailles & Gracie.
Costumes3 Ohhhh, you are so in trouble Byron & Phyllis!

Low windows=Sheltie nature TV

Badger, Buffy, Gracie & Marsailles enjoy the show.
WindowLove those fuzzy butts, Byron & Phyllis!