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Helloooo…I’m floating away!

Gracie floats in a boat after Hurricane Ike.
IkeLOL, Byron & Phyllis!

One of the many uses for a diving board during winter

Gracie shows us it is a good place to lay down and eat snow !!DivingSilly girl, Lisa!

Sheltie sidekick

Gracie & Rottie plot their escape.LOL, Carey…those geese don’t know how lucky they are!

Day at the the puppy beach…

Gracie’s running on the beach in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan.Gracie_lake_michiganLooks like a fun day, Carey!

All Shelties should be so loved!

Gracie recently celebrated her 1st birthday!

Sheltie and birthday cake

Welcome to Sheltie Nation Gracie & Carey!