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Is This Grass Making Me Look Dramatic?


Dutch is splendor in the grass, Gina!

This is a stick-up!

OK Rebel, we gladly give you our hearts!


<3 Michele

Fuzzy Fox!

The adorable, pint-size beauty was recently adopted and placed in her forever home St. Charles, Missouri.  I had the extreme pleasure of fostering Sadie for Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.

Fuzzy rescue SheltieHugs to you for fostering her, Christine!

Wait—sunbeam AND a Sheltie? MUST BE HEAVEN!

Scotch, you are so handsome!

Sheltie in sunbeam

;) Stephanie

Grass Bliss

Elliott: “I feel so free-ee-ee!”

Sheltie on back in grass

Or is he working on his tan, Francine? ;)