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That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

You know Shelties are smart when THEY have their own pets!

Lacey & Lilo look like they have a very close friendship Alyssa!  :)

Even Guinea Pigs love to cuddle with Shelties

Sara and Harry the Guinea Pig share some quality time snuggling.
LOL…now I’ve seen it all Kevin!

Two Tri colors…BFF!!!

Lilo with her “Best Friend Forever” guinea pig named Chocolate.

LOL…to cute Beth!


I swear, there really is a guinea pig type called the “Sheltie”.   (Check out our previous post “Guinea Sheltie” for the scoop on that craziness!)

Poor little Shadow, he must be confused.  ;)

Sheltie puppy and guinea pig
Thanks Doug, Megan and Tyler!


Halloween is over people!  No more Shelties in costume.

What?  Hey, what is this?

O.M.G.   …You have got to be kidding me… a Guinea Pig breed type called the “Sheltie”?
The Sheltie is a long-haired variety of guinea pig. In the early 1970’s the breed was developed by crossing Peruvians with Self (smooth) Blacks. In the US Shelties are known as ‘Silkies’.
153337173_ef9410b5eeGo figure!   Photo credit to Dutchsm