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A Swig of Sheltie Courage Only Makes Her Cuter

Tiny Alaria adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, shows no fear. Her bodyguards, Mickey and Gus will protect her.


Grrrr, Debbie! :))

Definition of ‘Sleepy Head’

Gus dreams…boxes of cookies, squeaky toys, squirrels…field of dreams.


Looks like a sleep Sunday too, Brittani!

So, what did you do on Saturday night?

Wow, its been a Sheltie party weekend for sure!

I think some certain members were up a wee bit too late last night? ;)

Gus & Izzy are still sleeping it off.
Room for you on that bed, Brittani? :)

Emmie is part “contortionist”

I wish I were as flexible, Cindy!

It was just too much for Daisy Mae!
A “Sheltie Bellies” category might indeed be a good idea, Sue! :)

Guess who won the cutest dog contest?

That would be Gus the Sheltie puppy, of course!
OtisHe is a cutie, Jessan! ;)