The cutest first responders you will ever see.

Sheltie in fireman and police costume

Dakota and Cheyenne look none too pleased, Marla! :))


Do you have some difficult spots the vacuum just doesn’t reach?

Ready to clean up any kitchen spill, wet or dry, the iSheltie is operational right out of the box – just flip the switch!

roomba(Good sports Lily the foster and Koji, the rescue, are both are from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of SE Virginia.)

Happy Halloween, Brent and Jenny!

Attached is a photo of my Sheltie, Lindy, dressed in her Halloween costume, as a brown cow.

She likes to try to chew on her horns!LOL Susan!

Just you wait Sheltie Nation!  We have lots of wonderful & funny Halloween photos coming up in the next two days.  As a preview, here we have Chelsea & Boo in their costumes.  They look thrilled, don’t they?  :)Ginnie, give those two a cookie for being so good!  ;)