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Our favorite time of the year! Shelties, not so much.

Kobe and Chester are dressed as Mr. Bacon and Gumby!

Shelties in costume

Lots of cookies are coming right, Margaret?

Great, we have the graveyard shift?

Every year we set up graveyard decorations Misty and Wendy will sit down in front of it to watch the yard.

Shetland Sheepdogs on Halloween

Of course they want to scare those trick-or-treaters, Judy!

Do you think anyone will notice?

Soleil and Etoile add just the right touch to the festive decor!

LOVE this photo, Ann!  :))

Cute offsets the boo!

Upper row:  Ripley, Shelby, Bailey
Front row:  Adi, Chloe, Sailor

Have a Happy Halloween Glenda and Deb! :)

Bring on the treats!

Lili is all ready for Halloween goodies!
LiliLOL, Julie!