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Smiles are Contagious!

Happy is a Norcalsheltierescue success story.

Four years ago, she would have been far too uptight to go upside down, never mind the goofy grin!

She is nine lovely years old now and people still ask if she is a puppy.


Hugs to you for adopting, Janea!

Snow bliss!

Sadie LOVES snow?  I couldn’t tell at all.   ;)

Tee hee Karol!

Harry “Sheltie”

My husband and I enjoy reading aloud together, especially the Harry Potter series.
Potter1Happy loves to curl up between us, listen to the story for awhile then drift away into her own story land.

Potter2Well, we all know Shelties are magical, right Susan?  :)

Sweet invitation

Happy is ready to go…are you?  :) Happyball LOL Susan!

Happy makes everyone, well….happy!

Happy as a chunky newborn.Happynewborn

And outside for the first time at 4 weeks old.Happy4weeks Must be so much fun to watch him grow Charity!