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You would be “Happy” too…

Happy came to us 5 years ago from a kill shelter…she is always smiling and playing!
Happy4Hugs to you Laura & Walt for adopting!

The perfect present

Happy sends her “Happy” Holidays to everyone at Sheltie Nation!
Happy3Very sweet, Susan!

Happy: Noun & a verb!

Back in 1979 I found a beautiful year old sheltie at the Manchester, NH dog pound.  She came home with me and became a beloved member of our family.  I have missed her greatly ever since her death in 1991.  Last week my husband and I brought home a little eight week old tri-colored pup and have fallen deeply in love with Happy (so named because she does make us so very happy).

What a cutie!  Welcome Susan and Gerry!

Happy little soul…

but I’m trying to figure out how he is hanging on to that tennis ball?  :)BallSam looks like he has already mastered retrieving Dawn!  :)

Sheltie Snuggles

Shelties make great snuggling partners. (1-2-3, exhale)  Ah, doesn’t life seem so much better now?
Justhe3ofusThanks to Elisabeth, Kota & Happy